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Our main goal is to use our quality of work in order to increase and expand sales to the other countries of Europe and Africa and to use our quality and attractive prices in order to open new business horizons.



Our vision for the future is to expand our capacity in Serbia and to begin the production of these facilities in our region. Also, we wish to use our brand in the construction of prefabricated houses as an example to other companies that nothing is impossible. The fact that Serbia is taking big steps towards a European future makes our vision of constructing prefabricated houses using European standards in our country all the more closer to realization.



ATOM MG COMPANY LLC works with many companies and firms from Serbia and has excellent business relations with Norwegian firms as well. It is our pleasure to announce that we have also started cooperation with Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, which we consider will be the lever that will launch us even further and help us to be even more successful and recognizable as a company that does not know of the word “failure.”



Our message to prospective clients is based on the already successful business and work performed and the plentitude of satisfied customers and it would go as follows: “Come and experience for yourself the quality of our services and our professionalism for we exist because of you.”


ATOM MG COMPANY LLC is the successor of the entrepreneurial shop ATOM MG. It was founded in 2008 in Vrnjačka Banja. We are the only company from SERBIA that works and operates on the territory of Kingdom of Norway and also does so successfully.

Our company is engaged in distribution of prefabricated houses at the Norwegian market and in cooperation with our partners from Norway.

Besides the distribution of prefabricated houses, our company also performs final construction work on the turn-key basis. We are are especially proud of that because in our installations we use only the best construction and building materials made by the biggest and most prominent companies in Europe and in the world. It is a fact that the Kingdom of Norway is the territory with the most prefabricated houses built and accordingly, the Norwegians take the first place in the quality and standards of building which many experts find to be the strictest in the world. We are also very proud of the fact that ATOM MG COMPANY LLC is the only company from the former Yugoslavia and Balkan region that has a very successful business on the territory of Kingdom of Norway.

House for all your life



Serbia, Belgrade, Jurija Gagarina 227, lok 183
Tel: 00 381 11 7176 951
Director Mob: 00 381 62 96 266 22
Firm Partner tel: 00 47 40001567
Vakt tel: 00 47 45561464
               00 47 94117093